Administrative and Web Development Support - Multiple Projects

Administrative and Web Development Support - Multiple Projects


Job Description

Needing to design new website from current model.
Have multiple services and will need separate website portal on main site.
Time is very important and rate is extremely important.
Goal is to be up and running by July 31, 2013
Option to maintain site is currently under review.
Note: All material can be drawn from current website.
We have SharePoint and this will be needed, to post on our host site.
Our goal is to have a website, with a referral network of vendors and suppliers for our virtual community.
Note our website has to be in compliance with the Federal Government for Procurement Sales and Services.
Need state and federal procurement assistance with government contract.
1. Job will require, performing research in re:to available daily leads
2. Lead management
3. Sourcing best price from Approved Vendors
4. Bid development start to finish for cost to client
My website:

As you might see it needs some serious help.
I would like to sell our products to the federal and state government agencies.
Would like to have site / eCommerce for government procurement.
We currently have our site with vista print and it is very limited.
We have an account with sharepoint and if setup correctly we can have multiple site

Want to tie
Social Media
Email Campaign

We have many software that would like to tie togethers
In addition I have a nonprofit service organization that benefits from the sale of the products we offer.

Here are the links to all of our corp : and we need to have our website link to varies sites as needed:

Look at our current home page and get some idea on how we can setup a single point of access for our firm.

Client access
Government procurement services and products
Human Resources
Virtual Assistance Link in
Products / indurstial equipment/supplies/ medical supplies and equipment
Webconference / skype/ linc/ ets
Video services
ecomerce and financial services of financing for products
Holistic Division / nonprofit arm
List of services offering pending.
Revise Business plan and offering
Compliance service handles all regulatory issues for firm
Virtual assistance for phone calls.
Real Estate Division
Auto Mobile Sales
MotorCycle Sales
Industrial Supplies and Equipment
Medical Supplies and Equipment
GSA Contract
SDVOSB Contracts
Contract Management Services

Help us organize multiple services under one office utilize networking/ cloud base services and tying together / generating daily reports on all activities.

Lastly, we want someone that is willing to work with us and grow with us.

Thank you for your consideration to our most urgent request.

Elder Jeffre Saint James, D.PSc
Managing Member
R.A. Management Group LLC