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Job Description

Hi There

We compliment the connection between Realtors and clients with an instant text messaging service in Canada.

I have 18 YouTube videos (total running time 30 mins) spoken in clear English. I need someone to listen to my companies you tube videos and transcribe them. So that I can add the file to YouTube.

The channel is

There are some technical terms but most is simple and straight forward English transcription.

Required Qualifications:
- Fluency : You need to be able to understand fluent English with or without a foreign accent.

- Self-confident: You are able to communicate professionally and confidently.

- Attention to detail: You love details & give proper attention to the task in hand.

- Reliable and Professional: Must fulfil his words and come up to the pre-planned deadlines

I need the job done as soon as possible please. Just to make test your attention & understanding: write transcription followed by your Skype id and both rate and then about yourself and experience.
Please mention your Skype id in your application along with best time to reach you in GMT+5 time zone. Along with the rate for the longest video (34 min) & short video (approx 1 min).