PHP Site Backup Solution Required

PHP Site Backup Solution Required


Job Description

I need a neat and clean looking (and working) PHP-based solution that can backup remote web sites using FTP.

Must haves:

Recursive FTP backups by remotely connecting to server.
Can be run through a cron job
Easy to configure (easy adding of multiple sites and databases)
Backed up sites are stored as zip files on Dropbox or Amazon s3
A nice interface to manage things (using Twitter Bootstrap UI)
Provides notification when backup has succeeded or failed
Does incremental backups
Does MySQL Database backups

I need this to be PHP based because it's going to be used on shared hosting packages that do not allow usage of the standard GNU/Linux tools.

Basically this script/solution will be installed on one of my servers and should be able to remotely take regular backups of all the sites added to it.

Skills: gnu, linux, amazon, twitter