Android development around product searching/viewing/rating

Android development around product searching/viewing/rating


Job Description

We would like to create an android apps around searching/ rating of a specific product.

We don’t want to specify yet what the product will be.

The apps main features would be as follow:
- Search for the product
o by taking picture of the product (text recognition)
o by key in product name in a search box
o advanced search features specific to the product

- Comment a product
o Rating (star concept – 1 to 5 stars)
o Comments (text box of a limited number of words)

- Sharing experiences (Twitter concept)
o Follow another user and get notification when he posts a new comment
o Add friends
o Send product recommendation to friends

- Shops
o Display shops close to user’s location selling the product
o Display product available in stock for a particular shop

The selected developer should have below skills:
- Design
- Java/Eclipse
- Database