WordPress Real Estate Website

WordPress Real Estate Website


Job Description

My client would like to create a real estate website that has several pages of content. A design is available from a web designer and I am the project manager for the task. The website will be based on Wordpress and utilize an IDX plugin from a provider of my client's choosing. A demo of the plugin will be utilized initially. If you are unfamliar with MLS/IDX that is not a big problem as it will basically at the end of the day be an embedded iframe in the main wordpress site.


-Strong WordPress and PHP knowledge

-Strong Javascript (JQuery as the library) , CSS, and HTML5 knowledge

-Strong English communication skills

-Strong code documentation skills


-Knowledge of Responsive Design with Wordpress to create a one site fits all devices site

-Previous experience with MLS/IDX integration into websites

-Experience with SVN as a version control system

Please contact me with any questions and I can provide more information including a design specification and more detailed technical specification.