Require Voice Talent For Sales Video!

Require Voice Talent For Sales Video!


Job Description

I need a voice that sounds a little something like this:

You will be required to send me a sample recording of your voice saying the following sentence:

"Where do brilliant ideas come from? How do the worlds prolific artists, entrepreneurs, thinkers & inventors find inspiration for their ideas, creations & achievements? Was it their upbringing? Did they have a stroke of good luck? Were they blessed with a special gift that most of us could only dream of possessing or is there something else at work? The answer, as you are about to find out wont just surprise you, it could very well change your life."

Just like in the video linked in this description, I will determine the perfect voice for the job by measuring the quality and expression of your voice.

I'm looking for the same or a better level of quality to the Invisible counselors technique voice over.

I don't want to download any external files in order to listen to the sample, please send me a link to either Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and/or any other audio hosting service.

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