Batch File and Registry Expert

Batch File and Registry Expert


Job Description

Seeking an expert in writing batch script files.

Requirements are that they work across all major versions of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 8 and perform the following tasks, if possible:

The general purpose of this is for setting up freshly installed computers to automate the setup process.

- Set desktop wallpaper.
- Set power saving features.
- Set home page of all major web browsers.
- Insert a number of websites into favourites/bookmarks on all major web browsers.
- Insert address book card into Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail and Outlook.
- Change some visual effects and taskbar/start menu options.
- Create new folders in particular locations and copy files from a server into them.

There are quite a number of other features which we can discuss further.

Only respond if you can personally respond to each of my requirements above and give your opinion on them.



Skills: batch-scripting, microsoft-windows