Automobile Sales, B2B , Great Opportunity!

Automobile Sales, B2B , Great Opportunity!


Job Description

Do you want to earn money helping others succeed? Are you willing to be trained for about 2 weeks? We are paying an Agency $7 Per Phone Hour. What We expect you to do is keep as much as you want and pay the worker a reasonable piece of the $7 per phone hour. So, for EXAMPLE you have 5 agents making 5 hours of phone time each (5x5=25) for that day we would pay $$175 to the agency. Then the agency may pay the worker a wage of $2 (2x25=50) per phone hour and the AGENCY would earn $$125 (175-50=125) in one DAY.
This is during training, Once we leave training then we can start making the BIG money. The Agency would earn about $100 for every car its sales force sold. We recommend the Agency to pay the worker $20 per car sold, And how you pay is up to you.

We are a nation wide automobile brokerage firm. We are looking to expand our operations. In order to do so we are looking for an Agency that has between 2-4 people it could dedicate to a single project. To get the project going we need a Project Manager/ Sales Manager. Some one willing to do the job first themselves then teach others how to do it. This group of sales professionals will be working as a team in order to sale automobiles. Our company will provide training remotely. We pay $7.00 per phone hour during training. Training last 20 working days.
*Must Provide References
*Willing to make minimum 100 calls a day
*Willing to create and lead a team of people making minumum 100 calls each
*Perfect Attendance, M-F 9am-7pm EST
*Willing to create team of workers and hold them accountable to perform
*Willing to recruit the best. Hire, train, and possibly fire non performers
* Willing and Able to Manage and Lead a group of sales people to perform
*Excellent English by Management and All Sales reps
*Management Experience
*Sales Experience
*Pays attention to detail
*Hard Working
Please don't apply if you can not meet any of the above terms Especially Minimum 100 calls a day by each rep and M-F 9am-7pm EST, No excuses will be accepted at any moment.
How many cars a week a team can sale is up to the efficiency of the team, usually 6-18 cars a week. We can show you how to do it, in 20 working days or less. After 20 days of paid training then you would join our sales force and earn 40% commissions. Our work hours are 9am-7pm EST Monday-Friday. We work 50 hours a week. The sales people need to have sales experience, must speak GREAT English, and eager to learn and work. If you may be interested in our partnership or have any questions contact us. Thank you for reading.

Skills: training, english, management

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