Structural Calculations

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Assessment Details:

1. a) The external skin of your domestic building is likely to be brickwork. Assuming that this is the case, and knowing that the crushing strength of Facing Bricks is 15N/mm2, show by calculations that those on the bottom of the external skin can take to load from a 6.0m high wall. The weight of a half brick skin of brickwork is 225kg/m2 of elevation area. Assume each brick supports a column of brickwork above 225mm wide (therefore ignoring openings for windows and doors).

b) If the brick will be compressed by 0.1mm what is the strain in the brick.

2. a) The timber ceiling joists in the roof have to support the weight of the ceiling, insulation and any services in the roof void. However, for maintenance purposes the Building regulations also requires an allowance for Live Loads of 0.75kN/m2. Explain what are meant by the terms Live Loads and Dead Loads and give examples.

b) If the ceiling joists have dimensions of 125 x 63mm wide, calculate values for 2nd Moment of Area (I) and Section Modulus (z)

c) The span of each joist is 3.3m and they are spaced at 0.4m, so prove that the total load carried by each joist is 2.05kN assuming the combined weight of ceiling, insulation and services is 800N/m2.

d) Calculate the maximum bending moment (M) and shear force on the joist.

e) Prove that the joist is big enough based upon the above loads in addition to knowing that the allowable bending stress for timber is 5.3N/mm2.

---------------- Please show all calculations and give explanation -------------------

Assessment Criteria:

Calculate stress in one brick 10%
Calculate strain in one brick 5%
Live and Dead Load descriptions 10%
Calculate I and Z values 20%
Prove total load 20%
Calculate M and SF 10%
Prove joist size 25%

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