Job Description

I'm looking to create an ongoing series of animated shorts (3-5 minutes in length). Very minimal scene changes or overly active movements... For examples, please refer to:

The idea is to take dialogue from real-life scenarios (typically between two people), re-record with voice over actors, and create custom made animations. I will provide the audio for voice overs, script, and storyboard ideas. You will be expected to collaborate on the storyboard and then create the animation.

One video might take place in a coffee shop, two characters sitting at a table talking. Another video might be on the bridge of a ship, two characters leaning over the edge talking. Etc...

Please provide samples of current work that would be in the realm of the type of animation in the above mentioned websites. Please don't make me search through your profile. Please provide links to actual videos. I will not respond to anyone who does not follow this instruction.

Also please provide a ballpark estimate based on 3-5 minute length video, in the above mentioned animation style. As well as a ballpark on how long it will take to complete.