Innovative tech generalist/project manager needed at Social Media company


Job Description

About us

We’re Drizzlin.

A digitally sound, socially active, marketing company.

We provide a host of services for a variety of clients.

These services often include:

Social media research/analysis/insights and management
Brand and online reputation management
Ideation, execution and optimisation of digital marketing strategies
We listen and monitor what customers say about our clients and help them reach out to their customers.

In other words, we humanize brands.

We make brands fresh, help them stay relevant and responsive. We do this by marrying consumer insight data with innovative engagement strategies.

We believe that brands have the power to change society, with their pile of talent and resources. And because we all utilize products and services of many of these brands, our vision is to make them more human.

So, to help us in our mission to take these services to the next level, we're looking for writers.

We want to add a bunch of creative coding ninjas to our team so that we can take our services to the next level, and have a ton of fun on the way.

As the technology project manager, you will lead the development team to define how the product shapes up and performs in front of the user.

We are looking to identify a skilled and confident project manager who has a solid track record of delivering successful software development projects with a strong focus on clean code and functional+beautiful design.

Skills and character traits of the ideal guy we are looking for:

1. Be extremely passionate about technology, code, design, UI/UX
2. Full life cycle software development experience
3. A good grasp of technology including programming languages, databases, development tools, testing methods with a solid understanding of a broad range of operating systems.

4. Excellent leadership abilities such as a good approach to managing people and tasks with a positive and inspirational attitude
5. Someone who is flexible, innovative, forward thinking and has a desire to do better for themselves, their team, the projects and the business
6. Excellent project management and development leadership attributes such as planning, risk and issue management, change management, task scheduling and resource allocation/management, communication and configuration management, development and testing
7. Have an excellent understanding of Web2.0 technologies such as HTML/CSS, AJAX, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript frameworks (such as jQuery, Backbone.js, Node.js etc.) Facebook and Google APIs. Experience in Mobile Apps will be a big plus

8. 2+ years of experience with a strong portfolio.

9. Be a highly-motivated self-starter who understands the start-up culture and works accordingly

Job Perks
Our office is in Hauz Khas Village, facing the beautiful Deer Park with a lake in the middle. It feels absolutely divine to enjoy this after a hard day’s work, while sipping tea or just having a meeting.
In the middle of Delhi, this is a perk which only a fortunate few enjoy.
You get to work with a fun, quirky, team of people who are passionate about their work.
Oh and yes, you will get a salary at par with the best of the best in the industry. We can offer upto Rs. 6 lac per annum to the right guy and he/she might be considered for a full time position.