Graphic Design for Door Panel

Graphic Design for Door Panel


Job Description

Dear all,

We are a door manufacturer from Malaysia and we produce "picture door" whereby your design/works will be printed onto a polycarbonate panel and get assembled with aluminum door, doors will look like this

I am preparing for a 2014 cataloge with 60 pages (30sheets), each page contains of 9 doors, so it would be appx 500 door designs.

You are free to design your own masterpiece with various design themes, we need some creative designers to create the trend, not to follow, your own style, your own creativity =)

The finish work must be "ready for printing" format in Ai File and each door design must comes with Ai format/PSD format too as the designs will be used for door manufacturing process.

Below are the details of work:

Door Graphic
Graphic size: 10" inches x30 inches",
Resolution :DPI 300, Tiff File format, CMYK
Qty: 400 designs

Shower Screen Graphic
Artwork size: 30'' inch x 30" inch
Resolution :DPI 300, Tiff File format, CMYK
Qty: 50 designs

Minimum 4 themes