Research game artist forums and sign up and post.


Job Description

You will need to list 100 forums for game artists and sign up with my contact details. We want to make a list of game art forums where we can find game artists to collaborate on our projects.

- You must make yourself clear what game artists are and what are the game art softwares and types around in this field so you do not list unnecessary information.

- Clear understanding of English is a must as well to complete the job successfully.

- I will need you to first focus on mobile game artists who make 2D vector art.

- You will need to send me a list of 5 first to see that you are on a right track.

- After each forum you will have to specify which type of art they specialize in (2 choices will be described)

- All the sign up requisites will be provided.

- A sample list with a few sign ups will be provided (you cannot use the same ones in the list have to add 100)

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