Web manager $1,000 a month / USA company

Web manager $1,000 a month / USA company


Job Description

Life time opportunity for a full time job with an American company from Florida.

Read and respond to every point
1. High level of written and spoken English
2. Well working computer with 3mb and up of stable Internet for all day screen sharing
3. Ability to build and manage a database
4. Master Photoshop
5. Know .Net or PHP
6. Know server management
7. Understand SEO
8. Be extremely organized and responsible
9. Be available to work from 6am to 5am Florida time (5 days a week)
10. Having a quiet working environment at your home
11. Not taking any other jobs or projects since we buy all your hours
12. You can not be associated with an agency or a company

Your first step in getting this job is to complete a test that shows us your database abilities. You will be paid $35 for this stage if you pass it successfully.

Second stage is to build a Wordpress theme in PageLine framework and get paid $20 if you pass it successfully.

Then you will be personally interviewed by the professional team.

The pay will start at $850 a month and will continue to $1,200 a month plus very nice bonuses.

Skills: english, .net, management

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