Filipina Personal Assistant Wanted


Job Description

Filipina Applicants Only Please

My name is Guy. I’m an American that also considers himself to be a citizen of the World. I have been traveling between the U.S., Thailand and the Philippines for the past 5 years and wish to spend more of my time in Southeast Asia working and living an enjoyable, meaningful and decent life. I have been self employed most all of my working life founding and managing several successful and unsuccessful companies over the years. I have always been an extremely independent person but now I need the assistance, focus, positive-can do-attitude and energy of a talented and ambitious person.

I have the idea that I can find a loyal, talented and outgoing Filipina preferably in Manila or Cebu- I require a real person to be available when I am in the Philippines to meet with me and to conduct business outside of your home as needed.

I need you to assist me, to brain storm with me, to work with me, to inspire me, to understand me and to care for me.

Someone sharp, quick and special that together with me could do great things, be successful, have fun and help people in need along the way.

If given a project, an idea for a new business, an app, an invention, a design or a crazy thought can you run with it?
If you do not have the experience, information required or the knowledge or the contacts needed-


A. Research and gather the information required, eagerly learning what you do not already know.
B. Identify, reach out, network, track down, contact, and meet the people needed to achieve the goal.
C. Work and stay focused on the objective, overcoming obstacles to get what you want.

Are you an independent thinker? Are you tenacious?
Will you be comfortable talking and doing business with Americans and other foreigners?
Are you afraid to ask questions? Are you afraid to say you do not know the answer?
The most stupid questions are often the ones we do not ask.
Many people are afraid to admit they do not know something-
“Better to say I do not know but I will find out and get back to you with the best answer or solution.”

If you say you will call someone at 2pm will you do exactly that? Will you keep your commitments even if you do not have the answers or information people are looking for? Note: if you are comfortable on “Filipino Time” please do not apply.
I’m looking for a special person to help me do business in the Philippines, Thailand and in America.

This is not only a Virtual Position

- I require a real person to be available when I am in the Philippines to meet with me and to conduct business outside of your home as needed.

Someone I can count on day or night to be there for me personally and professionally.

You will earn a salary + limited expenses. (on a trial basis)
This is not about the number of hours you work, rather a position based on Performance, Dedication and Loyalty.

I also offer a personal promise that I will extend to the right person that proves themselves over time:
You will receive a share of the profits of the business we do together and as we become more successful your earnings and rewards will grow.

Are you up to this challenge and ready to be a more successful person?

You will need:
Your own up to date computer with reliable and fast internet connection such as DSL or Cable.
A quiet place to conduct business and communicate on the internet via Skype with headset, mic and cam.
Your own cell phone with internet.
A PayPal/Bank Account to receive your earnings.

1. List the skills you possess and the areas of experience you have, such as:

being computer literate, internet research skills, call center skills, experienced web design and development, animation, graphics, excellent English reading, writing and speaking skills, salesmanship, seo / marketing experience, accounting, management, business training, outgoing personality, positive outlook and so on.

2. From your own experience write 100 words showing how you acted in an ambitious and determined way.

2. Please also write 100 words explaining why you want this sort of position and why I should choose you.

I don't have a lot of money but I am an honest and decent person. I am looking for a mutually beneficial and rewarding relationship and I appreciate your willingness to apply for this most important position. If you are sincerely interested in building and working for a great future then I am interested in hearing from you.

I will be in Manila soon and look forward to meeting you in person.

Please include your Skype id and the hours you are available to meet online.

Salamat and God bless you.

Guy V.