Conduct skype call as if representative of the business

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Job Description

I require a native English speaker to conduct a Skype voice-only call as if they are a representative of the business and deal with a dissatisfied customer (you must tell the customer that you have been a representative of the company for 3 years and use the name we ask you too).
Specifically, an app development project has run late for the customer and a previous actual representative of the company has been removed accordingly.

The role will involve the following:
1. A briefing and study of the background information (about an hour)
2. A Skype call with the customer. During this time, you need to assure the customer everything will be fine with the project and apologise for the past rep's poor performance. You just need to follow the clear instructions given in the briefing stage. (About 15-20 minutes).

The call will be voice only and the customer is likely to be unhappy and complain although is not rude or aggressive.

** The applicant MUST BE A NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER and a male.**

There is likely to be follow up work with skype calls with the same customer.

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