Corporate WordPress Design Template

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

We need a corporate theme for our WordPress website.

Something that looks like:

Current website is

We are using right now on the site. Needs graphics and look to be way more corporate.

This includes all page. Crisp and clean, corporate looking.

Please have a portfolio that has corporate websites.

Also say "I read everything" when replying so I know you read everything before replaying. That's a big deal.

Beginning details:

I want my site and business to be like these: or
and like

COLORS: like this website, (we are having logo redone to match these colors)
Colors like but use the the logos attached, the actual logo will be slightly different then this, but the font, is the same, so use this color and font as well for header and website
Very CLEAN, simple like
Corporate, nothing frilly, simple, bold, easy,
1. Header: Thin - about the size of the one on tony robbins site, (but all one box, not dipping down where he has phone #s...)
ON HEADER: Logo on left and my photo on the right, as per on this header: attached "nan-corp4" (or ask Chris for it)
Logo (use the first logo above ) on left side

2. Navigation bar separate from the header tho, and like this one:
same pages as this one too (but still colors like

3. Then under the header and navigation bar put the 2 attached photos together, like ==> (like on this site ) (we will have only one static photo, not one that changes) and add these words on the blended photos:
** Only make this photo go 2/3 across the page and leave room for an opt in box Chris will give you like on this:**

Breakthru blocks
Keynote Speaker

Use the 2 photos attached called: "Nan=speak-More-power" and "Nan-keynote-ms-audience" (attach side to side like on this site, you can crop them to look good, then place the words around it )

4. Like on tony site: under the header and photo, he has 3 'boxes' across the page that say: get your free trial - unleash your power within etc...
do not make it exact as this, but similar we need 4 box/tabs:

We will have FOUR Tabs/Boxes below that header and featured photo with these headlines:
Sales Professionals Executives/Leaders Entrepreneurs/Performers Women

Leave room under each of these for copy (to follow) about the size of these, you can even take this copy to use as a placeholder

Skills: graphics, design

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