Remote Administrator Tool ( RAT ) + Online Crypter Engine

Remote Administrator Tool ( RAT ) + Online Crypter Engine


Job Description

The project is about RAT.

It should be Quantum Leap from the old programming like posion-rat , Darkcomet Rat , Jrat - Njrat to something big and new.

The program should be more intelligent than anything else.
the requirement in this project is a very very very good developers
The program will contain two things:

1- RAT should be amazing and it will be got a huge of features so be ready for it !!

2- Crypter online Engine - Lifetime Fud ( website upload the .exe file or any file and crypt it fud 100% ) in php or better like .do or stronger

the crypter should be the most magnificent Crypter Engine online to crypt the exe file or any exuted file and bypass all the antiviruses scanner and give the many options for the user to include into the output file to bypass UAC and many features should be in the online crypter

3- Virus scanner upload or give the user an option to see the result of the output .exe crypted is fud100% or not by scan it in the website and not send any info to the virus scanners companies

4- a webdesign for the crypter online

5- payment methods included

6- forum for the users

and more and more features

Only Accepting High Level Advance programmers ( Companies only )

for an example of RAT see : bshades(dot)eu