TEST: Github smash expert to assemble Backup software

TEST: Github smash expert to assemble Backup software


Job Description

The reason this is a test is that we would like to test your skills in quickly putting together good code that is extensible. After this test we are looking to form a long term working relationship to continue on with the building of the software and our brand.

Desktop backup is a common enough piece of software now that i am setting out to find a github smash expert that can inexpensively build a version of the desktop application for mac & windows along with the web portal for accessing files and data.

The initial build and setup should be easy and there will be a lot of ongoing work in terms of portal and desktop application communication and conversion from free to pid trials.

There are already fully functional version of backup software with desktop clients and portal available on github - what i am looking for is someone to put them together and that is able to then extend the functionality into the future.

Please send me an example of this type of software you have built - compiled so i can run it - and links to any supporting materials about why you are the person to run this test with and to work with into the future on this project.

This is the example of the type of software we would like to compile: http://www.backblaze.com/

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