Excellent Sales Men!!


Job Description

Hi Aspirants,

Do like to offer another job!! This time am on ground to investigate about the best sales assistant or managers to polish their skills and passion to develop business by generating revenue. You may decide the pay scale. Am looking out for aggressive and obsessed aspirants to help and make me to expand my wings to reach the most populated region and drive the sales.

Whether you do believe that you're the best? Yupe, I wanna see it now!
Share your skype along with the experience in achieving the results in span of 3 months on any target based jobs. I don't wanna players those who're not interested of any challenging jobs and risk taking plans.

If, you could prove the metal inside you, dollars will flow to your wallet like anything because the profit will be re-invested for the first three months to generate revenue. I'd call them as "Strategic Commodores". Are you good to speculate the opponents move? Just like we do in chess - then I need you!

All the best wishes. Are you ready to prove your skills? We'd explain about the JD during one-to-one discussion session.