Job Description

Staffax > verify . offer . record

Create an employment bureau & cloud application where employers can do the following..

1.. search employment past ( staffax/google/facebook/linkedin)

2. record employment > and gain immediate accountability ( name, start date, end date, reason )

3. send virtual agreements, where employees accept & are made aware of the system.

4.. manage employee files online.

The main problem I am seeking to solve is for the high turnover businesses of the world. I am a multi-unit restaurant operator who deals with employees who do not show up for work, and believe that it doesn't matter because no one will ever know because they will not disclose they worked there.

It is said that over 50% of resumes are falsified.

I believe an employment bureau is as important as a credit bureau because the employment relationship has major implications to the employer, such as high training costs, lost business, or lost future business from bad service due to employees who do not show up and cripple the business.

I believe the primary offering is > accountability < which will occur when employees who accept a job know that their employment will be recorded, and known by all future employers.

The secondary offering will be > virtual agreements that all businesses can use to easily record the employment relationship ( responsibilities, compensation, schedule, training, etc... structured like echosign from adobe.

When a person knows that his future wil be affected by not showing up, I think that person will be less likely to make a bad decision, which can create immediate value to the employer.

Reedy Corp. uses over 30 cloud applications for multiple business activities and has a solid awareness of the latest technologies, and graphical approaches to information management.

The project is currently 70% roughed out in axure pro.

Please respond if this project intrigues you, and would like to learn more.

Only contractors with solid experience and available examples will be considered.

Skills: training, facebook, linkedin