School Management System

School Management System


Job Description

This app will provide information updates to parents, teachers & student about how students are doing in their sports activities & academic results. Sports activities include tournaments schedules (created by admin and view by users) Academic activities include exams schedules(created by admin) and results viewed by student, parents & teachers only. However students can view only their own results.
User Roles and Examples:
4 kinds of users: (admin, teachers, parents, students)
Admin interface which can send alerts/push notifications to parents, teachers, students

Teachers can send team meetings alerts/push notifications to students/parents, (upload files as well)

Parent interface to view parental related issues like news, announcements and their kids results (sports or academic) These news and announcements are added by teachers/class monitors/admins

Students who can view all items related to them. Students can also discuss in their team (upload files as well)

Everyone can view school calendar (Edited by admin/teachers)

I can give you the complete architecture once I get a complete project quote. It should not be more than a 20-30 days project if someone is good in his/her skills. Please quote on projects basis. All those quoting hourly will be rejected. Please quote for Iphone and android development. If you can do both then that's great!

People and agencies quoting very high will be rejected! Please be reasonable.
Please post fixed price value. I will reject any hourly based applications.

Skills: sports, management

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