Custom winamp skin

Custom winamp skin


Job Description


I need an extremely simple Winamp skin created.

The skin can be a plain (no visuals, buttons, text, etc.) one-color square. Let's say I opened up a MP3 file from Windows Explorer, Winamp would pop-up (because I set Winamp to be the default player), and with your skin, a green-filled box would appear. 2 seconds before the end of the track, the box color would turn yellow. When the track ends the box color would be red. When a new clip is played, the same rules would be followed.

Again - NO functionality is needed on the skin other than the color changing dependent on how many seconds are left in the track being played; only three colors: Green, yellow, red.

Though I mentioned I want a box, the code you create should allow me to easily go in and change some numbers to manually set the X-Y dimensions.

Usually, when you right click a winamp skin, you will see a menu appear. With your skin, the same menu would need to appear.

This project needs to be done quickly (preferably within 24 hours of it being assigned - at latest within 48 hours)

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