Kick-Ass Background Artist

Kick-Ass Background Artist


Job Description

Our indie game development team is looking for a passionate and talented artist who will provide 15 high quality semi-realistic/anime-style 2D background art at $50 apiece for an adventure game/visual novel hybrid in a post-apocalyptic setting. By passionate we mean you must love games and have been doing game art for a while. By talented we mean your art must be on par with the level of quality usually found in visual novels.

The project has been billed by focus groups as "literally the best visual novel I've heard of plot-wise" and "sounds straight out of a major anime series!" Currently a tight-knit team, we are hoping to grow and continue to make great games.

We need the 15 backdrops in two months. Please send a link to an extensive online portfolio along with your application.

Attached is a quick study piece for reference (final art will be in color, and full of nature much like in The Last of Us). We will provide more information during the interview. Ideally, we want someone for a long-term stint because the 15 backgrounds will only cover the game's demo.

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