Qt custom control: combobox with keywords highlight

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I need a Qt custom control developed (C++ class).
The control must satisfy the requirements:
- Compatible with Qt 5.2.1.
- Derived from QComboBox.
- Must support all the functionality of a normal QComboBox and look the same way (except keywords style).
- Can be editable.
- New method to add keywords (e.g. "one", "two", "three").
void addKeywords(const QStringList& keywords);
- When a keyword from the list is found in the input field it should be shown with specific rich style (must support bold, italic, different color).
- Keywords in popup menu are not highlighted (only in input field).
- Compatible with model (same as normal QComboBox). i.e. when i configure control to use items from model using method QComboBox::setModel(QAbstractItemModel *model) this should work fine.

To complete this project you need to provide source code for:
1. New combobox control.
2. Single-dialog test application using this control.
Test application should initialize combobox to look the same as on the attached screenshot.

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