I need a Forum website

I need a Forum website


Job Description

What I need is a large forum I need a Forum for my website
I need for someone to choose the best forum possible as far as security and
ease of use, Also has a lot of features. I want the best forum program.

I need it to be similar to:
I don't want the subject to b computer stuff but I like the style

For this I do not need content like that but I like the way is set up


The most important thing is that when some one searches on a search engine that every individual appears for each post and topic.

I want know if choosing another if you choose a certain forum it is better for

I like all of those above, what software will you install and set up

Most importantly I want my forum to appear in search results on Google, Yahoo and Bing for every single individual post.

I need some to instal the forum on my web site.

Anyway, I need someone to customize my topics and you need to make it so I
or a user can add a new topic and the new topic appears in search results
I need it build Google friendly with on page and their is high relevance between every aspect of the forum

I want the web site and postings to appear in all search engine results. I want to concentrate on Google #1 over any other search engines.

I need know that some one can make that happen


Skills: yahoo