Fantastic Graphic Designer Required for IOS Game

Fantastic Graphic Designer Required for IOS Game


Job Description

Looking for a stellar game graphics designer to create backgrounds, characters and graphics for iPhone games.

- MUST speak english GREAT
- Must have experience doing high-quality graphics for mobile games.
- Must know how to create animations for games, including running, jumping, and powerups as well.

Interested in applying? In your response ONLY include what is mentioned below. Anything else will get your application DENIED!

1. How long have you done game graphics and animations?

2. Can you use Cocos2d-X effectively (edit code)? If so, how long have you used it?

3. Please submit your THREE best iPhone games that showcase your graphic and animations skills.

4. Submit THREE OTHER examples of your graphics and animations work.

I DO NOT want a list of all your iphone games. If you do this you will be DECLINED.


Skills: design, games, graphics, english