Catalog to Spreadsheet Data Entry

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Task: To create a spreadsheet of all products in a catalog by page number.

Material Provided:
- Master spreadsheet with highlighted columns and item numbers already filled in. This is to be used as a guide to help you identify multiple price items and group codes as described below.

- PDF of catalog pages

The columns to be filled in are highlighted in yellow. They are columns B, C, K, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z and AS—a total of 12 columns.
Using the data already filled in as a guide, step through each page of the pdf and:
• Enter each item shown on each page in column B (ITEMNO).
• Enter each price in column C (NEW MASTER PRICE)
• Enter the page number in column K (PAGE_NO)
• If the item identifies a special price by ordering multiples of the item, enter the first break quantity in column S (MP_QTY_1) and the price for that break in column T (MP_PRICE_1).
o Each quantity break after the first break is entered in ascending column orders as highlighted on the sheet. The last break qty is always 9999999 (seven 9’s) with the last break price being the lowest price shown in the catalog.
o Note that all multiple priced items from the most recent catalog are already in the file—you must verify price/multiple quantity breaks/multiple quantity price and page number.
• Be alert to verify column AS (MP_GROUP_CODE). In most cases—and there are only a few—this will already be filled in.
If you sort the spreadsheet for any reason, be sure to sort the entire sheet.
Do not be concerned with the same product on multiple pages—we will de-dupe the file when it is returned.

Catalog contains 80 pages with a total SKU count of approx. 1800.