Full-Stack Ruby On Rails or PHP developer needed for MVP. Long-Term Work

Full-Stack Ruby On Rails or PHP developer needed for MVP. Long-Term Work


Job Description

Firstly thank you for viewing this post.

A small introduction, my name is Tashan Lewis and I'm a young entrepreneur. With my co-founder Bert Muyambuki, we are currently building a startup from the ground up.

Ideally we are looking for a knowledgable developer/team to develop our initial MVP (knowledge of the Lean Startup would be great). We would be deploying and iterating rapidly so we need a developer or team that can keep up. The initial MVP would be at fixed price and then iterations and improvements on an hourly rate.

Full-Stack, front and back end development, Ruby on Rails or PHP developer/team is required. These skills and knowledge need to be strong as turn around needs to be quick. Extensive experience with databases and querying will be required. Strong CSS3 and HTML5 knowledge will be needed and experience with responsive design or CSS3 frameworks is need as the application will be used on many devices.

The system will involve:
- Search facility + Advance search options
- Data-Mining, Data Caching/Logging, User Actions reporting
- Social integration + Data Logging

This is a brief outline and would be properly discussed with potential candidates. As stated before iterations will be very frequent, week on week, so work will be long term and steady.

To apply, get in touch. Please be advised strong portfolios are needed and code challenges will be presented to test ability.

Thanks again for viewing and I look forward to hearing from you.

Skills: json, cloud-computing, design, test