Android Developer Full time for 1 Month


Job Description

Breakdown of Job

Skills Required is
Experience with Gitbucket
Google Docs
Android App Development
Android Networking

Our lower spec requirements are available via Google Docs
And source and work done can be found on the Git Bucket,

Expected -
Preparation of work to be done with documentation of work to be done mapped out so that from start to finish work can be measured. this is going to be done before contract starts so that we avoid a large down time at which the developer is trying to figure out what to do and losing time for doing work.

Daily requirement -
Daily Git Pushes of work completed. and source update for developer to review.
Complete a Series of tasks documented within the google Docs
Test Each completed task
Document tasks to be completed the next day.

Time Expectations -

App experience required -

Please we are looking for a Ukraine Based developer or near that region and we are offering a very competitive package but require a good level of performance.

Payment terms
50% Up to completion of the work set out during the 1 month.
Payable during the 4 weeks period of work

As we have all come to know on freelance sites you tend to get a high quality promise but low output and then you are left to confirm the work quality which at the point you confirm it to be less than offered you have completed payment and the provider is not going to refund you.
To prevent this we make 50% payment on Verification of work. this is to avoid missing or Non completed work being submitted as completed work.
50% On confirmation of quality of work done (ie work has been to promised standards)

Thank you for your time.

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