Creative and Technical writer and researcher

Creative and Technical writer and researcher

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Job Description

In the next 50 years we'll see the greatest changes in biology, technology and human enhancement that has ever occurred in all of human history .

How we create, respond and adapt to these changes will determine our evolutionary course and possibly our own survival.

Hi, I'm Dr. Spencer. I'm an author, futurist, world traveler and acupuncturist among other things and I need bright, creative, visionary writers that love to explore and write about new ideas, technologies, human enhancement and exciting future possibilities.

I'm looking for innovative thinkers who are fascinated by our future and all the amazing opportunities that lay ahead. Writers who have thoughts and ideas and can imagine and write about the world we will be living in 5, 10, 20, 50 or 100 years from now.

Skilled writers who can research a topic and create exciting 300 - 500 word articles for my blog and books.
Articles that capture the incredible possibilities that lay just ahead at this critical evolutionary leap of mankind.

Writings that enlighten, enhance and uplift all of us on this amazing journey of life.

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