Edit the boring/slow bits out of a podcast

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Job Description

I'm attempting to do a podcast with a friend. We'll do it regularly -- about 2 or 3 times per week. We hope we will someday get good at being entertaining and fast-paced throughout the whole podcast. For now, we've got a lot of boring and slow parts. We're looking for someone to edit it down to be about a 20 minute post cast from 50 minutes of material.

The content is mostly political with a little religion mixed in.

You would need to understand English well to be able to figure out which parts need to get cut out.

We do not want to go back and forth with you about what to leave in and what to cut. We don't have the money or the time for that. We are just hoping to find someone who can reduce our recordings from about 50 minutes to about 20 minutes with the result sounding pretty good. Hopefully you'd be able to do that in just a couple hours per show and then we could pay you 2 or 3 times a week to keep doing that.

Let's start with one, and then we can contract for a longer/regular job if the results are good from the first one.

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