Looking for IT useful tools that you may have developed


Job Description

Looking for good IT tools that you may have developed or can be enhanced to appeal to wider market.

Will work with you to see if it is of value and figure out a way to make it better.

We have a decent store and we will work out the details so we both are happy.

Any tools in these areas are highly considered:
1) Virtualization.
2) windows
3) active directory
4) data migration
5) citrix
6) reporting
7) computer and user migration
8) copying
9) file locking
10) replication
11) synchronization
12) disaster recovery
13) collaboration
14) backup
15) exchange
16) mac or Linux tools.

We are looking for anything that may be useful to the market. If you have something and in doubt, let us know and we can decide together.

Skills: visual-basic.net

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