Web Designer For Mobile-Optimized Splash Screen

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

We are looking for a talented, detail-oriented web designer to create a working "splash screen" for mobile browsers, using a mockup video that we will provide (see attached "Splash Screen Mockup" for an approximation of the project, though the actual project will be a bit different). We will provide you with a mockup of the project; you will need to turn our vision for the splash screen into a working mobile webpage. We already have a mobile webpage; the splash screen will function as an approximately 3-second introduction to our web page with some 2d animated buttons, text, and a logo.

A good candidate for this position will be able to:
- create a working mobile web page based on drawings/animations that we provide you
- follow specific instructions when creating the animations
- collaborate with us to iterate design and animation elements

We will provide you with a more detailed mockup video of the splash screen that you will code as a functioning mobile website. A successful freelancer will:
- Have excellent attention to detail
- Turn drafts quickly and within an agreed-upon time period
- Respond to our questions about project progress within 1 day. Strong english speaking skills are absolutely essential to a successful engagement.

If you believe you are a strong candidate for this position, please apply to this position, and we will reach out to setup an interview shortly thereafter.

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