ASAP! Need Sketch Turned into 3D CAD File

ASAP! Need Sketch Turned into 3D CAD File


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I have a napkin sketch of an invention that I've created and I need a CAD file that can be exported to a 3D Printer. The final piece would be a hardened piece of plastic. Here's what the tool does:

When a fixed gear, road or mountain bike is disassembled for packing & shipping the structural integrity of the bike is compromised when the wheels are taken off. I want to create a piece of plastic that wedges between the dropouts on the front fork and the rear part of the frame where the rear tire connects.

The whole thing should be a square that is 25MM x 165MM and have slots that fit in the dropout spaces in these spaced in these 3 widths. 135MM, 120MM and 100MM.

Please let me know what it would cost to get this outline converted based on this description and how quickly it could be done. I NEED THIS IMMEDIATELY!!!


Skills: autodesk-autocad

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