Need someone to send emails (modified templates) to get leads

Need someone to send emails (modified templates) to get leads


Job Description

We're a social media management company based in the UK, and need someone to help generate leads/clients for us.

Your job roles/responsibilities will be:
- Research UK businesses in many sectors (using online business indexes which you will be told)
- Browse the business page on directory website, and also check the individual company website to see if they have any social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)
- Find out the company email and send them an email. You'll be given templates to use (one for if they use social media, and one for if they don't use social media), but will need to edit the template and email subject with the company name and the social media sites they use ("We notice you do have accounts on Twitter and Facebook..".)
- Log the details of the company in an Excel spreadsheet to make sure you don't contact the same company twice.
- You can then continue the process of sending emails. We will be replying to any responses ourselves, so won't need you to reply if someone emails back.

You must have excellent English as you'll need to understand the grammar when adjusting content of the emails.

I look forward to interviewing you. To show that you have fully read this, please include the words "social media management company" in your cover letter.
Please also include any details of similar previous work you have done or a link to your portfolio.

We want someone who can send as many emails per hour as possible, but with zero errors. We'll of course let you see for yourself how fast you can do this before giving you the job.

Skills: english, research