Drupal/PHP/MSQL expert required to migrate some existing ASP.NET / MSAccess functionality from an old website - Managing New and Existing Members


Job Description

I have an old ASP.NET / MSAccess site (http://www.otterswimming.com) and need to migrate some of the functionality to my new Drupal / PHP / MySQL Site

There are a number of tasks:

1. Migrate this form: http://www.otterswimming.com/clubfees/newmember.asp?membershiptype=Active&student=N&paymentfreq=Lump&page=newmember

And recreate on this new Drupal / MSSQL Website:

I have created the MySql database (exact replica of the Access DB) - otterdata. PHP MyAdmin is running

The layout of the resulting form can be similar but needs to be in the style of the new site: and hosted on this webserver

It needs full and sensible form validation
It should create new user entries.

Note: The fees calculation piece still needs to be included
Note: The same fields that were required to be completed on the old form, should be completed on the new form.
Note: The text on the resulting page when the new form is submitted, should be the same as it is now on the old form.
Note: The new user that is created should be inactive (unable to login) until step 6.

2. Additionally the form from item 1. needs a UK address finder from a submitted post code to auto-populate the address fields

3. All of the existing member entries in the new MSSQL database (otterdata - table: users) and new ones created using this form (after they are verified as paid up members - see Item 6) need to be able to log in as users to the new site By default these will not be admin users. The user's passwords in the users table should not have to change.

4. Submission of the form needs to result in the same process as the existing form submission - showing the user some resulting text and sending an email to the new member (I can provide the text) and a CC of the email to a number of admin users

5. A screen to select which Admin users should receive the notification of submission mentioned in item 4.

6. An admin user of the site needs to be able to review the information submitted by the new joiner and mark it (set a DB flag) to acknowledge that they are a bonfide and paid up new member or delete the record. - sending an email to the to a number of admin users (defined in item 5) to notify them that this member has now paid up.

7. Admin users of the website need to be able to filter and modify member details. The database needs to log the name of the user that last edited another member's record.

8. Admin users need to be able to download member details as an excel file

9. Users need to be able to associate their twitter account with their login and then login with Twitter.

10. Sendmail needs further configuration to send the mails listed here.

11. Configure distribution lists for admins of the site to send emails to site members

12. Configure distribution lists of admins to be able to email all other admins

13. Allow members to opt in or out of emails on the following topics:

-- Training Sessions
-- News
-- Competitive Swimming Events
-- Social Events

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