Create PDF Design from Content for Cook Book

Create PDF Design from Content for Cook Book


Job Description


We need good designers with eye for details to create good looking high quality pdf files from content , book idea is about cooking receipts and you will be provided with test samples to find one or more who are able to create pdf with pictures for cooking book material.

You do not need to write anything by yourself or edit the text , you need to create high quality pdf file that can take a breath away and stun the reader by the quality and frame works.

All who apply will be given example tests to provide a proof of skills and if you fail then you will be informed of rejection for the job .

If you think you are good fit , apply ,but if you apply and you can not pass the test of quality , you will be disqualified for the job by your own lack of desired skills.

If you read all above ,in first line in application type whats 2+8= , answer that math question when applying.

** When you apply you agree to try making the pdf example - if you do not want to provide proof of skills by providing example from the given task - you are wasting your and my time entirely . **

The person who will follow instructions and get this job will be given the job for entire eBook and design .

Good Luck applicants and freelancers all around.