Wordpress Custom Design Experts

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Job Description

Looking for a team. Minimum 3-5 wordpress experts.

Will require 3-5 newly designed custom wordpress sites weekly. The sites will all typically integrate the same set of plugins some of which may be membership/affiliate/ecommerce related. After design, the site must NOT look like a typical wordpress site.

Programmers must know wordpress, wordpress plugins,mysql & PHP intimately

Team must have more than two full time designers in order to complete 3-5 sites weekly.

Team must have a team lead/coordinator who speaks and writes english at a very high level.

Additional skills
Knowledge of .net products including MS SQLServer
Mention whether u have this skill in house or not please. ( Crucial to bid )

You are bidding on a per site basis

I need to know that you can follow instructions, so if you do not answer the following three questions or anything else marked as crucial your application won't be accepted.

1) I need to know what you would do when a wordpress update causes your wordpress to show a blank screen and there is no backup.

2) If you have 10 wordpress plugins and a group update of all 10 plugins crashes your site with a blank screen and a memory error message, how do you fix the memory problem and how do you get your wordpress working again. Please do not be simple and tell me just change some config because while it may or may not be part of the problem the process of fixing the problem may involve a little or a lot more, so write to me like you are an expert.

3) Describe the biggest problem that u have had with a ms sqlserver installation?

If you can't answer the above simple questions in proper english, then don't waste my time by applying.

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