Product Manager / Sales + Marketing Manager - PHILIPPINES ONLY

Product Manager / Sales + Marketing Manager - PHILIPPINES ONLY


Job Description


We are a Health & Well Being AUSTRALIAN Service provider.

We are seeking the services of 2 x Product + Sales Managers.

You will be responsible for:
1. Understanding the product OR service in extreme details
2. Ensure product levels or supplies for services are stocked and equipped correctly (although on site staff in Australia will do the stocktake - you are responsible for the auditing of comsumption and stock management etc)
3. Actively plan and pursue marketing activities such as collating testimonials and creating blogs for the website, collating before and after pics from happy customers then giving it the website programming team for them to use one the website, looking for events/exhibitions for the business to consider going to and build awareness of the product
4. Actively promote the product or service to verticle industries
5. Constantly review the online content we have and offer revisions in accordance with customer feedback to ensure we are communicating the features and benefits of our product/service efficiently
6. Actively take inbound orders/requests on demand where the inbound team requires assistance.
7. Actively make outbound calls as required to followup orders, call vendors, followup clients for feedback, contact wholesalers for alternate variations that we can consider to grow/develop our offerings
8. Be available to work a SET ROSTER of Mon to Fri 11am to 8pm Sydney Time.
9. Must have proven Sales + Marketing Experience - not just selling experience. You really need to show your ability to create a business development plan, marketing plan and also an implementation sales plan.
10. Exceptional English is required that is not too American please. Sorry - it is just in Australia genuine and "relaxed" approach is best.
11. Brilliant computer with Excellent Internet required as you will be making a lot of voice calls to customers or stakeholders (inc Internal and External)

The position offers a base salary + monthly commission.
Base Rate = $7-15/hr depending on experience
Monthly Commission = $400 to $1000 depending on results.
Based on current results on target commissions = $200-250 per month

To apply for this position, please submit an audio file recording where you verbally record your entire application + ONLY place in the text line..... Audio Application Enclosed. That is all we ask for. Please ensure you really explain your understanding of:
1. Online Marketing Principles
2. Offline Marketing - eg print or radio or tv
3. Business Development - at a retail and wholesale level
4. Why you are wanting to work from home
5. What your last position was, what it was doing, how long you were doing it for, why you are no longer doing it etc.
6. What PC, Processor, Ram do you have/
7. What type of internet connection do you have
8. Is there anything that will limit you in doing the job - eg upcoming holidays, possible health concerns etc.
9. Anything else that you feel we need to know that will either HELP YOU or HINDER YOU in this position

Applications will be accepted via Audio File only as per instructions above. Please note we are only looking for those wanting to have a LONG TERM career, who are confident in their abilities and a hands on product sales manager.

You will be supported by
2 x Website PRogrammers + SEO managers
2 x Graphic Designers
All Admin Staff

This role has NO DIRECT REPORTS and will report to the National Sales Manager who is based in Australia - and his PA is in Philippines

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