Web Design and Digital Graphics


Job Description

Please review: http://enfusionize.com first and look at our gallery for the design style we are seeking.


* Work with the creative team to create branded visual designs for web, mobile, native, and embedded applications.
* Work with the engineering team to deliver a finely polished product.
* Translate wireframes into branded interfaces.
* Participate in design studio sessions to help invent new experiences that meet client business requirements.
* Be able to create concepts from web/design creative briefs
* Conform to the next level in design aesthetic that are online today including a clear understanding and/or ability to translate designs into conversion ready elements for use online.
* Ability to work alone or in groups when necessary to meet deadlines and adhere to project scopes with accuracy.


* A bachelor’s degree in graphic design, interaction design, or a similar field is a plus + (not required if your portfolio shines).
* At least four years of professional experience working in interactive visual design, preferably with client services or products in the online marketing arena.
* Highly experienced with the Adobe Suite of services.
* Excellent communication skills. Confident discussing design solutions and achieving maximum results with team on behalf of clients when necessary.
*Flexible and easy to work with; used to working with a collaborative team.
*Able to meet deadlines and have flexible availability (nights/weekends required dependent on location)
* Be able to create high quality design proofs/mockups and finished work like on our site and site gallery of client work

Preferred Skills:

* Solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and how web and native applications are constructed.
* Solid understanding of design planning stages (information architecture, mapping, wireframes, etc…).
* Experience designing interfaces for hardware devices and embedded systems.
* Prototyping skills - including device, web, mobile and desktop experiences.
* Experience with motion design.