partime QA, Analyst for Agile project - healthcare portal


Job Description

We're starting a new web project, reimplement an existing healthcare web portal realized 10 hears ago.
We need to reimplement all present features, and add new features, supporting collaboration and new devices.
The team is made of developers, but we need also a QA person, which we'll be responsible of these things:
- project testing, review, write documentation, tracking through atlassian suite (jira, confluence)
- apply agile methodologies (sprints, standup meetings by skype)
- collaborating with team through skype
It's a part time job, cause the project is not so big, the elapsed is quite long (4months) and the team is little, made of 2/3 developers.

Below you'll find an introduction to the requirements, a detailed specification is available.
The main sections are
- Patient/client portal
- Medical Portal
- backoffice portal

These are the functionalities of each portal
-> Patient/Client portal: manage personal medical infos, prescriptions, exams, measurements, nutrition, diet.
-> medical portal: manage patients, see all infos, make prescriptions, diet, consultations, agenda, chat/conference with patient.
-> backoffice: manage users, activate services (add/hide functions to customers)

we'll provide:
- detailed software specifications
- current working web application (current web link, and screenshots)
- new web design
- 20 language files (including chinese and arab)
- Atlassian Suite to work together (Jira, Stash, Confluence)
- Demo server to install build and test it
- my support and review in development and PM

Technology used
- Liferay 6.1/6.2
- ServiceBuilder
- Backoffice with GWT/Vaadin
- Client portal with a more attractive layout (jsf, jquery, liferay tags, or something similare, btw to be defined)
- Themes and hooks
- Liferay services: Document Library, Forums, Calendar,
- ecommerce plugin from the liferay marketplace (it's a basic ecommerce)
- integration layer: VideoConference (new system, cloud, or plugged in, to be defined) with minimal effort and costs
- PDF for prescription creation, and a Barcode tool generator

Standard Liferay portlets will be used to realize and augment the features available:
document library to store personal medical files, calendar to save appointments, forums, mailbox.