Are you an article writer? I am hiring!

Are you an article writer? I am hiring!

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

Any copy and pasted/general cover letters will be reported to Odesk. The budget is simply a placeholder bid. Attach your rate per article. How much do you charge for 1 (500 word) article? We are looking to pay 1.5 cents per word or $7.50 for 1 (500 word) article. But your writing level MUST be up to par. If this budget is too low for you, please do not apply. We are only looking for U.S. writers because of the time zone issue. All other writers need not apply.

This job will be for an AS NEEDED, not an exclusive job, and not stable. You are welcome to hold other on Odesk.


Please send me this information for consideration. Without any/all of these you unfortunately will not be considered for the job. So please read and answer carefully.

Supply link to your Facebook page or other social media link
Attach resume
Send link to linkedin if on
Send 3 business references
Send a portfolio link or attachment
Attach 3 writing samples
Send link to at least one page where I can see your writing on the Internet

Thanks Kristen