Web programming needed for redesign of hotel website


Job Description


We have an opportunity on our hands for the redesign of a basic hotel website. Hotel has undergone recent refurbishments and is looking to upgrade their current website (currently rather old and stale) to match and provide a great experience for their potential visitors. Site will be rich in beautiful photography and perhaps video. We will have the IA, design and photo/video fully covered in-house and are looking to partner with a capable onshore programmer to execute for us. Successful candidate would partner with accounts and creative team for development and content population with a hope to create a lasting partnership with us.


- 20-30 pages max. We're shooting for less content more imagery so hoping to get this down.
- to be driven by open source CMS (no complex workflow needed) with basic ability to manage content
- Needs to be SEO optimized
-Needs to include a very basic mobile version with access to the *booking system.
- Client loves this site http://www.shuttersonthebeach.com/ and we're looking to create a similar experience on a smaller scale.

*Booking system is completely provided and managed by 3rd party. So you don't need to mess with that complexity. Will be integrated / linked to from the site perhaps via iFrame (open for suggestion)

Questions are invited.


Departure3 is brand experience agency - and our mission is based on a really simple idea: to 'help brands build fans'. We're basically a full digital branding shop. We're looking to build relationships with top performing and reliable developers and designers to compliment our in-house team.

The service areas we're focusing include:
- Brand experience strategy - helping brands identify and communicate the 'why' behind their cause or mission and utilizing storytelling and community building techniques to create buzz.

- Web design and development - full creative and open-source development for large data-driven and eCommerce web sites, quick turnaround responsive micro-sites and landing pages

- Social media marketing - programs designed to help brands develop stronger connections with their fans

- Short-form branded content videos - in-house planning, production, shooting and post-production of short brand videos promoting an organization or product or event - built with social sharing and engagement in mind.

- Video content distribution - significant viewership of brand videos through paid and earned media techniques, igniting widespread online awareness.

You can check us out at: www.departure3.com. Some recent examples of work can be found under 'Case Studies'.

We're agnostic to industry verticals, our target clients are those that already have an online presence however are looking to amplify their brand, better connect with their fans or perhaps launch a product, new business line or promote an event.

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Skills: design, video, marketing, facebook