A 3d design comany's project


Job Description

i need 100 expert 3d designers contractors to work with me in the bigest 3d design project ever been for the whole next years , our project is so complexe and each contractor will be hired to fulfill one part without known what the other contractors parts are about.. this is a clacified project and it need a very skilled persons to hindle it, thoes who will be a part of this task will be payed genourisly based on the work they will done... i'm ready to pay over 500 dollar per week if i appreciate the work... another notice: they will be a contract sheet to fulfill and 9 dollar to be transfert to us to insure that our contracter wil not let us dawn and broke with us when the work start... we won't hire only thoese who shows that they are realy ready and qualified to be committed to the work that they will be asked to do and only if the 9 dollar will be transfered.... send me your profilio and less then 50 lines' paragraph tellin me about your self... the opportunity is open before the 31th december 2013...