eCommerce with TaoBao API for Chinese developers ONLY

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description


The rest? Stay away unless you can read and write Chinese. Don't tell me that you are going to use Google Translate. I don't want to baby sit you.

My preference is Magento. You may choose to recommend another CMS.



1. I wish to utilize TaoBao API to retrieve the 'latest' items in TaoBao and display it on my site.

2. The User will be able to utilize a translation plugin and translate from English to Chinese and with the translated Chinese text, the User will be able to search TaoBao directly with it.

3. Users will be able to paste a link from TaoBao and do an Express checkout and make payment directly on my site. The funds will go to me and I will purchase from TaoBao on their behalf.

4. When Users visit TaoBao from my website, there will be a Top Bar at the top of TaoBao with a "Buy" button which will lead back to my website. From there, the User will be able to purchase the desired product, if necessary