Leading Tennis business needs a website developed.

Leading Tennis business needs a website developed.


Job Description

Advantage Tennis Professionals (Located in Sydney) needs a professional website designed. The main purpose is to attract new clients as well as inform exisiting clients continually of upcoming programs. We have some major advantages and selling points over competitors and need this to be highlighted.

The successful applicant will need to build the website from scratch and be an advisor in the process. We have a fair chunk of information gathered already (see attached) which could be used for various pages.
It will need to be simple to use from our point of view as we'll need to update regualrly.
At present our needs for the website are purely information based although in around 1-2 years the website would need to be upgraded and redesigned to have the option for clients to pay for tennis online through our website and have a direct debit option etc.

The Web Designer needs to have extensive experience in successfully developing websites. Marketing and sales background would be helpful.

As we are new to websites we need to be educated on the best way forward to create a simple website initially but move onto a website with more features down the track.
We can provide all of the information, photos and would like the process to be educational and interactive.

The successful applicant can look forward to continuing work updating advice and and upgrade in website in the future.

If you are interested and serious about developing a quality website for our business could you please provide an example of websites already created.

Skills: marketing, design

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