UI design - iPhone/Android app and web dashboard


Job Description

Be part of a project that will save end users time and paper-shuffling headaches! The software is related to compliance with legislation.

I'm looking for a talented UI designer to

1) Customise a web admin template from ThemeForest.net

2) Convert my Balsamiq mockups for iPhone into a professional looking mobile UI ready for development that has elements that match the theme from the web dash.


First up I'm going to need two screenshots from the mobile app and two screenshots from the web dash that will be incorporated into the pre-launch info pack. Quick job and a quick payment.

In the second part of the project (a few weeks later) you'll complete the designs of the mobile app and the web dash to the point where I can hand it over to a developer. I'm not sure how many screen there will be for this just yet.

The mobile app is a planning and reporting tool that will use the in-built camera and be for use on iPhone and Android devices. It will have the ability to be used offline.

I'm looking for a designer who isn't afraid to think outside the box and challenge the concepts I have produced to achieve a more efficient workflow for the user.

Customer feedback will be king so there will more than likely be some modifications to be made once we get a tangible design into their hands for review.

On the days you do work for me, I will want to know very briefly what progress you made and what questions you have. This will be non-negotiable, so if you are not happy with it, we will not suit each other.

In your application you should include "I am real" at the bottom, links to at least 3 examples of your previous work, and at least one instance where you were able to suggest an improved workflow over and above your initial design brief.

Finally I'd ask you for an estimate of the time required to achieve the first part of the project. If you need more detail for this, I will provide you with some mock-up screens for you to go off - they are fairly simple. When I know how many screens I'll need for the second part I will ask for an estimate for that also, but that will be a week or two away - currently there are around 18 screens for the mobile app and less than 5 for the web dash.

For applicants with additional developing skills, an impressive delivery of your work could lead to further work to develop this software full time for a period of up to 3 months plus initial user support post launch.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Skills: design