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Job Description

We are looking for someone with at least 5 years of developing web sites for small to medium size business, including ecommerce, shopping-cart, using new technologies like : HTML5 , CSS3, Jquery, JavaScript, etc. The right candidate would also need to understand business and speak English well (both written and oral communications).

I will be sending prospective candidates detailed design documents. You are to take the design and develop some RAD Prototypes for the Home page, shopping/search page(s), shopping cart, and checkout. As well, there is a need for a custom developed automated data loader. This data loader will be designed using a template approach to identify the html tag's/id's found in each of our supplier's shopping cart web pages. Using the data loader templates, and parameters given at startup, the data loader will then read the saved supplier shopping cart web pages and upload all the Product images, description, colors, styles, weight, shipping/delivery method, product code, selling price, quantity, etc. An example of one of the parameters is the field called PRICE-MULTIPLIER, this parameter will be used (if not null) to multiply the supplier price by a percentage amount so that the price that is loaded into our database is the marked up price not the supplier/wholesale price. Another parameter, PRICE_FLAT_AMOUNT, this parameter can be used with the multiplier parameter or by its self. The Flat Amount will be added to the price or the new price after using the price multiplier 1st. the end result is an automated and flexible way of uploading ordered supplier products into our database and systems for resale on a Retail level.

as noted, I have a design document for you to review. I also do not expect the RAD Prototypes to be truly working web pages - rather you should follow the design document and create an JPG image or BITMAP image - whatever - maybe an EXCEL sheet with images and fields - but something that I can look at to understand and know that you actually have read the design and understand what needs to be built.

Once the project begins, you will be asked to review the functional detail design documents and notes and then to develop a very precise and detailed TECHNICAL DESIGN document. Once the technical design document is delivered and then approved by myself and the end customer, you will be paid a percentage of our agreed upon total price.

If you do not have the technical design correct, I will ask for changes and this will iterate until the technical design is complete and approved/signed-off. No payment until completed and approved.

Next, only after approval of Technical Design document, you can begin coding the web site.

Note also that the client has an existing web site (2 actually) ; however, they need more automation, record keeping, customer tracking, etc. The team that uses the web site are not very computer savvy. SO every thing that is built must also include detailed documentation on the components, how they are used, and also a training manual that will describe how the user groups can begin utilizing the new web site.

This job is a repost of an earlier posting that was generating bids between 200.00 and 400.00. After spending time with another firm, we have now found out that what we are asking for should be priced in the 600.00-800.00 range. I am looking mostly for teams that can complete this project within 10 -14 days. That know web design and also PERL or Shell scripting so that the data loader can be built and work as described in the design. I would prefer no canned software solutions but rather everything built from scratch using the design. I know there are a lot of CMS/ADMIN programs that assist in getting things done on a web site, however, all that I have seen are too complex for this customer and their user teams. This needs to be documented and rather than one on one training, I do expect a very professional training manual , with screen shots, and step by step flows of how to accomplish each of the ADMIN things, especially the auto data loaders....

Skills: english, design, training, shell-scripting

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