Urgent Mailing List Development

Urgent Mailing List Development


Job Description

My company is about to launch a game for iPhone with a legendary, male-oriented film IP. We have a bunch of press kits - bundles of small items like bluray discs, coffee mugs, etc - and we want to send them only to the very top-tier, biggest blogs and magazines.

The problem is we don't have contacts or mailing addresses for any of them. So we need research to create a Google spreadsheet containing:
- Magazine or Website Name
- Circulation or Alexa.com rank
- Contact name
- Contact address
- Speciality (see list below for examples)

Concentrate on U.S. press outlets in the following specialities:
- Men's Interests (examples: GQ magazine; Esquire magazine; etc)
- Tech blogs (ex: Uncrate.com; Gizmodo; Engadget; The Verge etc)
- Gaming blogs (ex: IGN; Polygon; etc)
- Apple-centric blogs (ex: MacRumors; MacWorld etc)
- Casino game blogs (if any?)

Use your best judgement to find the largest circulations and highest trafficked Websites and/or magazines that might be interested in writing about our game.

To clarify: Your job consists of 2 parts:
Part A: Find suitable, top-tier press/blog/magazine outlets
Part B: Find suitable contact/address info for each

Also, concentrate on finding the correct contact at each magazine or Website - this is most important! Find the contact who is most likely to be in a position to make a review of our game happen; for example, at a gaming blog, the correct contact would be an iPhone editor/writer; at a men's magazine, the correct contact would be a game editor/writer, etc.

Note: We do NOT want emails - only contact names and physical mailing addresses located within the United States.

Focus on blogs, sites, magazines, etc that target the U.S. market only.

One shared Google spreadsheet created using above criteria.

48 hours after accepting project.

Please bid a flat rate for this project.

Provider Requirements
No outsourcing companies or agencies, please - only individuals. Any outsourcing companies/agencies who bid will be immediately disregarded.

Any questions please ask - thanks!

Skills: research